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Vitreo is a clinical-stage therapeutics company focused on the development of transformative disease modifying therapies for ocular diseases.

Vitreo utilizes a polypharmacology strategy that probes and prosecute drug leads with dual mechanisms of actions against validated targets. 

Our lead candidate, VT-1001, has anti-glycation and multi

factors anti-angiogenesis activities, while maintaining a benign safety profile.   



Vitreo pursues a virtual developmental business model that allows for partnering with the best in class providers to de-risk and optimize the timeline in a capital efficient manner.



VT-1001, is a first-in-class, transformative candidate with a compelling therapeutic profile.

VT-1001 is a prodrug nano formulation with dual anti-glycation and anti-angiogenesis/vasculogenesis activities that is designed as a topical ocular therapeutic to address both front and back of eye indications.

In multiple clinically relevant animal models, VT-1001 has demonstrated efficacy in diabetic retinopathy, wet AMD and diabetic cataract with a benign safety profile and impacted relevant clinical biomarkers.

To optimize posterior drug delivery, multiple innovations are incorporated into the drug substance and drug product. 




Inhibits the progression of diabetic retinopathy from non-proliferative (glycation) to proliferative/macular edema (angiogenesis).

Based on the dual mechanisms of actions of VT-1001 have transformative potential in an outcome driven and value-based healthcare environment.

VT-1001 is at IND-enabling stage.  








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